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Welcome To The Alpha Coin ICO

The initial coin offering (ICO) of AlphaCoin will be launched on 12th of January 2018 to 16th of February 2018 by selling 100,000,000 AlphaCoins over 35 days. The price in round 1 of the ICO will be $0.16 per coin and doubled each week until the completion of the ICO. AlphaCoin`s are a ERC-20 token built on the Proof Blockchain.

ICO ROUND 1 - Jan 12th 2018 $0.16
ICO ROUND 2 - Jan 19th 2018 $0.32
ICO ROUND 3 - Jan 26th 2018 $0.64
ICO ROUND 4 - Feb 2nd 2018 $1.28

Price at time of official Launch is $6.00!!!

Alpha Coin Is A simple Crypto Trading Platform
Profits are guaranteed and already pre-determined!!!

Alpha Coin is a unique cryptocurrency that provides instant, automated, guaranteed profits via our Alpha Trading Platform.

Basically the Alpha Trading Platform works like this:

A user will have Alphacoin and will trade it against a second currency (BetaCoin) in our unique trading platform. Prices will fluctuate every 6 hours with a 5% differential, therefore creating guaranteed profitable trading opportunities.

This provides plenty of instant profit opportunites for Alpha Coin members. For example: If I have 1000 alpha coins and I trade them at the exchange rate of .95 beta / 1.0 alpha I am gaining my stake in Beta coins. I will then buy alpha coins back at a lower price and haveĀ  more alpha coins then when I started.

This process is guaranteed, instant and automatic.

Alpha Coin Road Map

Road Map

So Why Should I Invest In AlphaCoin?

Each trade has a profit of minimum 4% - Prices change 4 times a day (every 6 hours) - Earning potential of 20% or more per day and you can easily cash out with Bitcoin, Ether or Alpha Debit Card at any time.

Why should I participate in the Alpha Coin ICO?

The answer is simple...Alpha Coin is the first guaranteed profit trading platform and by participating in the ICO you will be helping in the development and you will be getting Alpha coin at significantly reduced rate!!!

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100000% Potential Return!!!

For more information on Alpha Coin including who we are and what we do, please read our white paper above. If you have any further questions please email us and we will be happy to be of assistance: